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Flamenco, Music, Sex and History all rolled into one

Flamenco Express have spent the last eight years touring Britain and Europe, giving performances which confirm the relevance and punch of flamenco to a modern audience, without ever compromising its roots or identity.

The range of musicality, rhythms and free-flowing improvisation is as wide as any jazz, classical or blues audience could hope to hear. Modern flamenco is an art form as universal, powerful and versatile as the blues, as epic as opera, and as delicate and pin-sharp as ballet, and one which attracts diverse audiences reflecting a broad range of interests and age groups. From Hip-Hop to hip-op, in fact.

The company are all highly talented artists who have spent years perfecting their craft and expanding their repertoires on stages across the world, and who insist on enjoying the performance as much as the audience.

Our guest artists have always been an important feature of our policy, ensuring an ever-changing product for our audience, and bringing a wider range of high quality artists to regional theatres at a reasonable cost.

There are hundreds of amazingly talented artists in Spain. Flamenco Express seeks to tap this reserve and provide a much more rewarding experience of these artists than is possible in the large metropolitan venues. The implications for audiences are obvious.

Sat 23 Sep 2006
Tickets: £14.00 - £16.00

Booking & Information:
01424 229 111
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