Tunng with Tinariwen (trio)

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Tunng & Tinariwen

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Tunng were formed in 2003 by Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders in a basement below a clothes shop in Soho.  Over time they have been joined by Ashley Bates, Phil Winter, Becky Jacobs and Martin Smith in their British twisted folk-pop-rock collective.  All, with the exception of Sam Genders, will be part of this tour.

Tinariwen were formed in Southern Algeria by three young friends living in exile.  In the 1980s they became soldier-musicians, lured into military camps in Libya.  After a brief and painful rebellion against the government of Mali, they accepted peace and finally realised their dream of becoming full-time musicians.  Their name, based on ‘Kel Tinariwen’, means the ‘desert boys’.  

This unique tour, featuring Tunng and three members of Tinariwen, offers an opportunity to experience the collaboration live, a spellbinding prospect for fans of either band, and for anyone with open ears.

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Wed 18 Mar 2009
Tickets: £12.00

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01424 229 111
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