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“Outrageously tasteless - DO NOT MISS”             

“There is no denying that this is a fantastically funny act, but the surprise is that beneath the faux classy, trashy exterior this character is such a perfect vehicle to express her creators obvious intelligence, brainy satire and deeply rooted anger at the American way of doing things.  Highly, highly recommended”                

“A wicked riff on America and celebrity...Christopher Green writes brilliant gags, and his act would still be funny even if he wasn't wearing a frock.”                   

Country music icon, (and the woman who put the racy in democracy), Tina C. is running for President of the USA. As part of her campaign to put White Trash in the White House she's bringing her roadshow to the UK.  Part political rally, part stadium show, part gospel frenzy, part self-empowerment seminar, Tina ‘08 is a musical roller-coaster and comedy steam-roller of a night out.

Come join the campaign for Liberty, Fraternity, Tina C!  She’s a weapon of mass seduction and she’s willing to kiss your baby!

Tina C has come a long way from her childhood in Open Throat Holler, Tennessee.  She has performed all over the globe in some of the world’s most prestigious venues and most of the leading comedy and cabaret festivals.  She has shared a stage with all sorts of showbiz types including Elton John, Geri Halliwell, Ian McKellen, Carol Vorderman, Kelly Osbourne and Catherine Tate.  She has performed privately for the likes of Tim Burton, David Cameron and both the British and the Swedish royal families.  She starred in her own TV series ‘Hanky Panky’ on SKY ONE.  She has recorded two highly successful series for Radio 4 and has a third on the way.  She has released six fabulous CDs (available for purchase at www.tinac.net).  All this and she still finds time to run for President of the United States!

This affectionate parody of a white trash Country Superstar is the comic creation of Olivier Award-winning character actor, Christopher Green.  His dazzling rhinestone alterego allows him to make an insightful commentary on many of the most sensitive issues in our society; celebrity, mediocrity, media-ocracy, American cultural dominance, international terrorism, war, abuse of power and all of this wrapped up in big hair, lots of laughs and great music.


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Sat 8 Nov 2008
Tickets: £14.00

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01424 229 111
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