The Sugar Dandies' Tea Party - A New Year Tea Dance

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The De La Warr Pavilion invites you to
The Sugar Dandies’ Tea Party, A New Year Tea Dance

Everyone is welcome to join in this New Year Tea Dance hosted by the award-winning Sugar Dandies (as seen on Britain’s Got Talent) who will lead dancers and non-dancers to trip the light fantastic! Bring your dancing shoes and be ready to take a whirl around the floor to your favorite Ballroom and Latin American standards or to learn a new ‘party’ dance. The Sugar Dandies will serve up the perfect brew of social dancing, performance, ballroom wit and of course lovely tea and cake for everyone!

£10 (including tea and mini-cake)

Doors: 2.30pm, Starts 3pm

Q. We are so looking forward to The Sugar Dandies’ Tea Party here at DLWP.  Can you tell us what to expect?
A. We are very excited to be bringing the fun of the tea dance back to the DLWP. There was a time when tea dances were a regular feature and we know there are people out there who still miss them. There's also a new generation whose interest in dance is just beginning and we welcome them to come along and experience what it's all about. It will be an afternoon of great music, social dancing, performance, audience involvement and our favourite dance floor party games. We will even be serving tea, coffee and cakes for all our guests. Ballroom is one of the great British dance forms and is part of our social fabric so we look forward to reconnecting to that in a new way.
Q. Will it be like a traditional Tea Dance, in the same way that we used to have them at the Pavilion?
A. It depends what you mean by traditional... we are creating a modern version of a great tradition. The tea dance itself is a long standing form so we don't need to reinvent it, but in typical Sugar Dandies fashion we have added a few twists and turned it into a party. We are an untraditional (same-sex) couple in the classical ballroom sense, so this is definitely a mixed event for everyone to take part in.

The original idea of a tea dance was simply an afternoon entertainment, over the years it evolved into more of a dancers only event. So we are bringing it back to the original concept of a good afternoon's entertainment -- an 'experience' that can be enjoyed by everyone, dancers and anyone interested in dance alike.

Q. Do you need to know how to dance in order to enjoy it?
A. You don't need to know how to dance, our tea party is for everyone. Although we are both accomplished dancers, our philosophy has always been that dance should be easy and fun. You also don't need a partner, but if you have one bring them along. One of our favourite party games is teaching everyone old fashioned 'party dances' like the Lambeth Walk and our goal is to have everyone up on the floor and doing it in 5 minutes, whether they have been dancing for years or it's their first time. So you can watch or join in, but as one of our dance idols says "why walk if you can dance?"

Q. The Sugar Dandies shot to fame when you reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent last year!  But we understand that you have been dancing together for a long time and have won many other accolades and awards.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

A. Yes, we have been dancing together for over 10 years, it started as a social hobby and became a passion. We train with the world's top professionals and although we are known for sometimes bending the rules and boundaries of traditional ballroom dancing, we are actually very focussed on technique. We just won a gold in showdance at the Same Sex Open dance championships in Blackpool and have been medallists at every major British, European, North American and World same-sex showdance championships including the Gay Games, the World OutGames, the EuroGames, the ESSDA European Championships and the Nordic Open. And of course we recently accomplished our life long ambition to quickstep off a giant wedding cake on Britain's Got Talent! It was amazing getting 'yeses' from all the judges at our audition and having such great support from the audience. Since then, we have had the pleasure of dancing all over the world. Our adventures in the ballroom are just beginning...

Sat 12 Jan 2013
Tickets: £10.00

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