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Beuys Is Here

Every Sat from 4 July, 3.30pm
Various locations around the building


Speakers’ Corner, near London’s Marble Arch, is the spiritual home of the British democratic tradition of free public speech and soapbox oratory. During Beuys Is Here we will be creating our own Speakers’ Corner here at the Pavilion. On Saturday afternoons during the exhibition, you are invited to hear speakers from a variety of backgrounds and interests, inspired by the ideas of Joseph Beuys. The speakers will have the floor for 15 minutes then the discussion will open up. A full list of speakers will be available on our website and a summary of the discussions will be written up in a weekly blog.

Next session:

26 September
Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey - artists

With oak saplings grown from acorns collected from Beuys' seminal artwork 7000 Oaks, artists Ackroyd & Harvey will draw a line of connections from deep time of poetic myth and tree alphabets through to contemporary ecosystem dynamics and ask why trees matter more than ever.


Some open slots are available, contact polly.gifford@dlwp.com if interested.

Various locations in the building.


Archive of past speakers:

4 July (opening weekend)
Martin Goldsmith

A discussion on the nature and essence of the original Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park, with photographic documentation spanning the last 15 years.

“Back in the 90's I would regularly visit Speakers Corner, drawn by the spectacle of people gathering together to listen and talk to each other, in the flesh, face to face, risking ridicule, halitosis and the possibility of leaving the place a wiser, more tolerant person. The   images I will be presenting are the fruits of those visits.”  Martin Goldsmith

11 July
Alex Wear
In a change to the programme, our speaker will be Homeopath Alex Ware, who will talk about our relationship with nature, whether we are working with nature or against it, and what that means for humanity and the future.

18 July
Jane Marriner - Artist and felt maker

Jane Marriner has a background in fine art using salvaged materials. Recycling industrial materials from an urban environment led her to investigate the process felt making. A key interest is the sustainability of this rurally sourced product.

25 July
Matthew Cornford - Artist & tutor at Brighton University

Artist Matthew Cornford began collaborating with David Cross while studying at Saint Martin's School of Art in 1987, and they graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1991. Since then Cornford & Cross have created a body of work that responds to the problems that arise out of particular contexts or situations. Accordingly, each of their projects has been radically different, not only in form but in content.  www.cornfordandcross.com

Matthew Cornford has recently been appointed Professor of Fine Art, in the School of Arts and Communication, at The University of Brighton.

For Speakers Corner Matthew will be critically engaging with Beuys the teacher, and his Utopian ideas for a Free International University in which art, science and politics would be integrated.

1 August
Milan Rai - Academic and peace campaigner

Milan Ray will discuss the origins of war and religion and how these relate to current global problems.

Milan works with the organisation Justice Not Vengeance, based in Hastings, www.j-n-v.org

8 August
Julian Porter - Curator - Bexhill Museum

Julian will be exploring the prevalance of myths and stories in local history, focusing on the legends of Bexhill smuggler past. 

22 August
Salma Nathoo -
Consciousness as material in ecological art. What is consciousness and how do we experience it?  How does it relate to creativity? What is ecological art and how might consciousness fit in? Salma Nathoo is an Ecological Artist, Dance Movement Psychotherapist and meditation teacher.

29 August
Martin Grimshaw - Coordinator Transition Brighton & Hove

Transition Towns - The Power Of Community
Martin Grimshaw invites you to celebrate the life and work of Beuys, by talking about the community you'd like to live in. The Transition Towns movement is a wild experiment to tackle Climate Change and Peak Oil by unleashing the collective genius of communities. It asks you to get excited about the idea of designing a future worth passing on to your children, and then helping to realise that vision. Starting around 2005 in a small town in Devon, the model has spread virally with now well over 1000 communities in 30 countries on board and gathering momentum, and a regular storyline going on in The Archers.

Martin is co-ordinator of Transition Brighton & Hove's Livelihoods 2020 group and a passionate advocate of participatory democracy.

5 September
Rohan Jayasekera - Index on Censorship
Associate Editor and Deputy Chief Executive of
Index On Censorship, will discuss key issues around freedom of expression.

12 September
Steve Martin - Science teacher at Bexhill High School

We cannot create or destroy energy, just change its form.  What is here now, will always be here… so why all this worry about an energy crisis?

Science teacher Steve Martin will be exploring our understanding of energy, from Big Bang theory to the nuclear question, via wind up torches! 

19 September
Leo Powell - BA Student at Brighton University

Art student Leo Powell will be sharing his experiences of the art education system and its studio environment, asking what kind of impact it can have on the way students make work.  Leo wonders: when the art classroom begins to increasingly exist online, and when the studio community is expanded into a virtual space, how does it change the way in which students interact?

Sat 26 Sep 2009
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