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Random Fridays: a nod to Cage
Friday 27 May
7pm onwards, free

Forming part of a nod to Cage, Random Fridays has been relaunched with new and exciting programme inspired by the late, great artist/composer John Cage.

In the second and final Random Friday this season expect yet more genre-defying live performances and artistic projects from the UK's most cutting edge, contemporary acts.

As with the last Random Friday, the Pavilion will be a-buzz with activity, starting with a live musical score by AK/DK, wherein the building itself transforms into an instrument. Then feed your ears with Daisy Grove Lafarge's sound installation featuring NASA's Voyager recordings, re-orchestrated with astounding results. Take a peek at Lucy Philips' exquisite, hand-made pin-hole cameras and experience freeform sound and film work from experimental outfit, Stasis73.

As always, you can explore the galleries after dark and enjoy performances that utilise unusual places and spaces in the Pavilion all free of charge - a bonafide architectural icon of the South Coast.

If you took any photos of a Random Friday event we'd love to hear from you. Please email them to us.


AK/DK Requiem for a Building


VJs metaLuna, sonic artist Johanna Bramli and noise-mongers AK/DK will be turning the Pavilion into a musical score and sound instrument for the evening. metaLuna will create a live musical score, using the angles and curves of the building as a canvas for projections. Johanna Bramli and AK/DK will interpret the score, using record styli and contact mics to literally play the building.

Daisy Grove-Lafarge Music from the Vacuum (2011)
Sound installation
Music from the Vacuum is in response to Cage's practice. Using a system of chance to re-orchestrate NASA's Voyager recordings, it creates an audible dilemma: the gallery space brings into existence sounds that can never be heard in their true context; the vacuum from which they were taken.

Phillips (ongoing project, started 2010)
Prints from scanned photographic paper negatives, handwritten and typed texts, printouts of emails (in display cases) original paper negatives, handmade matchbox pinhole cameras, handwritten and typed texts and letters, related ephemera.

What cannot be seen is an attempt to create a visual and textual archive of the unseen by returning to the fundamentals of photographic image making. Inspired by the artist’s own experiments with pinhole photography and French artist Sophie Calle’s use of the camera as a covert device, Phillips constructed 20 pinhole cameras from matchboxes and invited people to take part in a postal photography project via a Facebook status update. Participants were sent a camera loaded with photographic paper, instructions, and an invitation to photograph ‘what
cannot be seen’. The cameras were returned to be developed, together with an explanation of what the participant had photographed and why.
Since these initial cameras were sent out over a year ago, more than 100 people have participated in the project from all over the world. Some are friends and family of the artist; others are unknown to her. What started as an experiment has become an obsession and an exploration of the power of simple imagery and words to transcend individual experience.
An ongoing project, and one which may never end, what cannot be seen is an invitation to reveal, to create and to play.


ep.i.sod.ic 73 from stasis73 on Vimeo.

Stasis73 is a freeform expreimental sound and film outfit, drawn together by the chemistry of the random. Expect to experience voice and moving image, live looped theremin, clarinet, guitar, jaws harp, violin, accordian, accordian broadcast and an ever-growing vocabulary of sourced instuments. Soundscapes accompany live filming and pre-recrded projections, creating a new world for the audience - against the beat.

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22 April
Sophie Fishel + FOUND Collective + Jane Ormerod + Shelley Parker + Void Vector

Sophie Fishel
Skiddley Bop (2011)
Skatting is to sing with no words and is an expression of joyful abandon. Skiddley Bop is a film to remind the viewer that each human being has the ability to improvise and to create noise, music and rhythm purely using their own body. Sophie Fishel’s main body of work often features humour and is essentially an exploration into the human condition. It encompasses broad preoccupations ranging from characterisation, consumerism, and death, to subtle and sometimes sinister observations of everyday life, all of which can be categorised under the subject of the abject.

FOUND Collective Cybraphon (2009)
Edinburgh based artists FOUND Collective (Ziggy Campbell and Tommy Perman) have teamed up with Professor Simon Kirby and created a robot band called Cybraphon.

Inspired by early 19th-century automatic bands such as the orchestrion and the player piano, Cybraphon is an interactive mechanical band in a box. It comprises a number of acoustic instruments, antique machinery, and found objects from junk shops, playedby over 60 robotic beaters and motors, all housed in an antique wooden display case.

But Cybraphon is emotional. Its repertoire has been composed especially by FOUND Collective and spans a range of emotional states. Just like FOUND Collective, Cybraphon is image-conscious and moody, and the music it performs depends on what state of mind it is in.

Cybraphon wants to be popular. By going to its website you affect its mood and the kind of music it plays. Cybraphon regularly checks its MySpace page, worries about how many fans it has on Facebook, looks up its website stats and obsessively Googles itself to see what people are saying about it.

For example, a good review in a local newspaper will almost certainly cheer up Cybraphon and encourage it to play happier songs. But it will soon become disillusioned if its fame does not continue to rise. To feed Cybraphon’s ego visit its website www.cybraphon.com.

Jane Ormerod
“Jane Ormerod’s magnificent work belongs in a grand poetry museum on a heavily-populated space station outside Earth’s predictability. One of the most imaginative, persistent poetry visionaries, she breathes fresh perspective into the ears of every life form she comes across in the universe. Her signature style is beyond belief moving light speed with an
astoundingly unique beat and the ability to communicate with complete command of language.”Daniel Yaryan, Producer of the San Francisco poetry series “Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts.”

Shelley Parker Bird Cage
Sound installation
Auditorium PA, laptop, software + live feed exterior microphone.
Sourcing inspiration from John Cage’s CD Bird Cage (1972), the project sets out to examine elements of chance, texture, repetition and social space using sound in a site-specific context. Bird Cage is a sound installation compromising of a real time live feed picking up external sound sources, for example, seagulls, sea and traffic from the roof of the pavilion. In the gallery space stands a monolith of speakers streaming the live feed alongside layers of continuous bass drones and pulses of low end frequencies.

26 November
Sound Intermedia
The digital arm of the London Sinfonietta, Sound Intermedia curated a bespoke programme of installations and performances that explored the location and acoustics of the DLWP building. Incorporating some of the most cutting edge interactive sound art and electronic music in existence, the Random Fridays event challenged all the senses.

Sound Intermedia2_300.jpg
Sound Intermedia

29 October
Spacedog + Bela Emerson + Overlap
Random Fridays returned from its summer break in typical style with genre-bending performances all night long. Sisters/sound artist duo Spacedog and their theremin-playing doll left audiences aghast, while prolific performer and creator of 'noiseworlds' Bela Emerson produced spellbinding sonic creations. AV aficionados Overlap rounded-off proceedings with an amazing display of visuals. To read more click here.


30 July
Film: Secrets of the Content + Cat Casbon + Fidgital
The last Random Friday before the summer break saw varied artforms spread throughout th Pavilion. Tom Pickard's short film 'Secrets of the Content' set the standard for the night with a thoughtful adaptation of Graham Greene's 'A Day Saved'. Cat Casbon followed this with a beautiful piece of chorographed dance, cleverly utilising the space at the base of the main foyer's swirling staircase, punctuating movements with interjections of crackling bars of artificial light. Topping off the bill was Fidgital, a violinist and DJ duo that merge hip-hop beats with strings to re-jig well-known contemporary tunes.

Fidgital at Den of Iniquity300.jpg

25 June
Bexhill and Hastings College Random Fridays Takeover.

28 May
Roshi feat Pars Radio + pixelPRISM + Stephanie Douet + Live Tartan
To read more click here.

Live Tartan

12 March
Random Fridays Takeover by the Red Curtain Cult
From candy floss bondage fighting to humming eyeballs to great music from The Teeth. Need we say more? To read more
click here.

6 November
Midori Hirano + Leafcutter John & Pete Wareham + Juliet Russell and The Vocal Explosion Orchestra 
High calibre peerformances by Midori Hirano, Leafcutter John & Pete Wareham, plus Juliet Russell and The Vocal Explosion Orchestra. To read more
click here.

Midori Hirano

2 October
ABC Stakeout + Devil Man + Selena Godden
People came to this Random Friday in their droves to see this stellar line-up - ABC Stakeout, Devil Man and Selena Godden plus an amazing programme of audio-visual entertainment. To read more
click here.

Salena Godden

28 August
Random Fridays Costal Currants Launch Party
The bank holiday got into full swing with the most popular Random Friday yet. Combining the Costal Currants Launch Party with our own programme of experimental music and arts performances, the evening began with a stunningly beautiful dance involving tents (strange but true...) by Tentation on the terrace at dusk. Evil Ed provided and Riz MC provided sounds and the party carried on until midnight. To read more
click here.

Tentation 300.jpg

17 July
Stockhausen + Thomas Truax + Shelley Parker
Stockhausen, Thomas Truax and Shelley Parker provided this month's mix of rare, border-croissing entertainment, proving that Random Fridays is going from strength-to-strength. To read more click here

Thomas Truax 4300.jpg
Thomas Truax

19 June
Animal Magic Tricks + AK/DK
For this Random Fridays installment, Animal Magic Tricks and AK/DK took over Gallery 2. People who came were invited to go on a night building tour with a difference with public art purveyors MOTH guiding the crowd through thebuilding wearing wireless headphones. To read more click here

22 May
Random Fridays Launch Night
Our night of experimental, cutting edge music art is launched to a fantastic audience. All entertainment is free and the first Random Fridays sets a precedent for quality acts, emerging talent displaying a diversity of artforms. Occuring on the last Friday of every month, this melting pot of performances will utilise unusual and surprising spaces in inspiring ways. To read more click here.

Fri 27 May 2011
Tickets: Free entry

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