Random Fridays: WARHOL IS HERE

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Evoking the spirit of Warhol's Factory, Random Fridays: WARHOL IS HERE sees an eclectic mix of film, art and music spill into all areas of the building for an unpredictable night of experiments where anything can happen.  

Ear Films
"The Earfilm Cinema provides the cinematic score, 3D sound-design and story and leaves you to come up with the mental pictures." - The Guardian

Step into an experience that feels at once like a film and at the same time like a future campfire tale, shared and completed in your imagination. Here, cinematic storytelling meets three-dimensional sound design and sonorous live soundtracks. This is storytelling for the 22nd century.

Its creator, Daniel Marcus Clark is a Writer, Storyteller, musician & Composer. Earfilms is a medium that he has been developing since 1999.

The Earfilm Cinema won the UK Young Artists Award and was selected to represent the UK in the BJCEM European and Mediterranean biennial of young artists 2011 in Marrakech.

"Sit back and allow cinematic storytelling with 3D sound create a minds-eye movie." - Source magazine

Steve Reich - Phase to Face
2009. Dir. Eric Darmon, Franck Mallet. 52 min

A drummer-turned-composer, Steve Reich has produced some of the most vibrant, original and interesting music of our time, with influences as varied as Bach, Stravinsky, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Balinese and Ghanaian percussion. His technique of ‘phasing’ (short, repeating patterns moving in and out of phase with each other), used first in It’s Gonna Rain of 1965, formed the springboard for his complex and colourful style, with its intoxicating melodic lines and rhythmic patterns.

In this new documentary, Phase to Face, we follow Steve Reich as he travels from the Autumn in Normandy Festival to Rome (with the Italian musicians of Ars Ludi, the Ready-Made Ensemble, Coro Ha-Kol and Quartetto Prometeo), to Tokyo, to New York, and finally Manchester - for the world premiere of 2X5. 

Sonic experimentalists Longstone are masters of selecting and sequencing disparate musical material into fully formed cohesive albums and performances. They blend electronica with improvised woodwind, percussion, and guitar, creating a fascinating suite of music, ranging from alien soundscapes, through to Krautrock infused, motorik pulses. www.myspace.com/longstone

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Fri 28 Oct 2011
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