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What are Random Fridays about?

Fri 24 February, bar open from 7pm
Free entry

For the final Random Friday event as part of the Warhol Is Here season, the De La Warr Pavilion will evoke the spirit of Warhol's 'Factory' with an eclectic mix of experimental works by nine young artists that will filter into unusual spaces all around the building.

For the 'Live Archive' project, students from Sussex Coast College and Brighton University submitted projects that engage with Warhol's practice through film, performance and sound. Those who were selected have been working with the DLWP to develop their ideas under the guidance of artist and lecturer, Lisa Barnard.

The final projects have been disseminated digitally through the Live Archive, a brand microsite that has been developed by the participants and local young web-designer, Jake Cunningham. You can visit the Live Archive to see how the projects have evolved and the inspiration behind them. 

Random Friday will provide a live platform in which new and emerging talent can be experienced and celebrated.

The Live Archive is a new digitally based learning initiative inspired by the Warhol Is Here exhibition and generously supported by The Art Fund. 

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Live Archive group.


A surround-sound performance by Jean Wainwright and Rhys Davies.

War(Holy) takes the audience back to the radio era, a medium that Andy Warhol was brought up with. This surround-sound performance will evoke a time before digital recordings and MTV. 

Listening in the dark, a series of voices will be heard talking about ‘their’ Andy. Some voices are lovers, some are friends and collaborators, others are family members; all were intimately associated with him.

In an evening where voices emerge from the dark, Andy Warhol will literally be ‘here’ in a forty-five minute performance with an unexpected finale.

Voices:  Jean Wainwright, Julia Warhola, Paul Warhola, John Warhola, Andy Warhol, Nat Finkelstein, Billy Name, Gerard Malanga, Stephen Bluttal, Glenn O’ Brien, John Giorno, Brigid Berlin, David Bailey, Donna Di Silva, Peter Gidal, David Bailey, David La Chappelle and others.

Hannah Caney
"My proposal was inspired by Warhol’s belief that ‘art is for everyone,’ which I discovered was a strong inspiration behind his belief that ‘everyone will be famous for 15 minutes’ and the exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion. His pieces allude to humour, engagement, questioning and reasoning and in turn allow people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life to appreciate and engage with his works. This is what inspired me in my project; to create a piece that allowed everyone and anyone to engage in a similar way.

I will be creating a visual piece, in the form of a stop-motion animation, that mimics the lyrics to the David Bowie song Andy Warhol, using a local musician to create his own version of the song."

Hannah is currently studying the Foundation Art and Design course at Hastings Coast College and is in the process of applying to study Animation and Illustration at university.

In The Can 2012 
Experience life as a Warhol muse inside the 'Silver Factory', an 8ft replica of the Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can, created in homage to Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests

In The Can 2012 will record willing visitors to the DLWP on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February, for a series of digital ‘micro’ portraits that will be shown both online via the new Live Archive site and as an installation for Random Friday.

How will you pose and can you escape before the house lights go up at Max’s Kansas City?

In The Can 2012 is collaboration between Nina Somers, Emily Hicks & Charlotte Rogers.

Zahra Rose
Alexandra McQueen's infamous spray-painted dress, inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, with former ballerina Shalom Harlow rotating on a turntable, is a huge inspiration for my practice. However, unlike McQueen I understand that fashion is not just a catwalk or photo-shoot but an opportunity to highlight global issues seen as ‘taboos’ which we frequently turn a blind eye to and in many cases, indirectly encourage in the purchase of clothes (cheap labour etc).

I hope that my project will challenge the fashion industry by portraying fashion as a form of art that moves away from the 'glossy perfection' of the perfect 'pretty garment' presented on a 'skinny model' and instead engages in fashion as an art form capable of questioning our responsibilities and position in the world.
Zahra is currently studying a BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design at Sussex Coast College and is hoping to attend university in London studying Fashion. She was recently selected to be one of four designers at Dubai fashion week, out of a pool of around 250 worldwide applicants. Zahra was also nominated and declared winner of the ‘East Sussex Farley Farmhouse Painting Award’ by Antony Penrose.

Contact Zahra-Rose-@hotmail.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zahra-Rose-Art/183467675038382

Alice Lambert
My project is a short film inspired by Andy Warhol's interviews of his newly discovered faces of fame. Reworked to fit a contemporary audience, it will be a comment on fame and the desire to achieve in today’s society. I will use Warhol's films as a main theme to discover whether his notorious reputation of creating and destroying fame is still as fleeting and cut-throat in society today, as it was then, just with a different face.

Consuelo Guijarro
Starting from the video works of Andy Warhol, particularly the Screen Tests, my practice has turned into an exploration of the emotion potentially generated by the presence of a video camera. I am working with a theatre technique called 'Meisner', in which "the principles of 'listen and respond' and 'stay in the moment' are fundamental to the work". What happens when the actor is faced with the camera? How can this interaction develop, indeed does it at all? Warhol’s Screen Tests exposed the 'character' of the subject's personality. With this work, I will present the actor inhabiting a space with only the video camera for company. The actor will react to the inanimate object, his potential audience and its expectations.

Consuelo Guijarro is currently studying an MA in Performance and Visual Practices at the University of Brighton. She has collaborated in performances at the Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart and exhibited her work in Spanish and German art galleries. Her practice explores ideas around presentation and representation, reality as opposed to performance. She works using video and live performances, actors and actresses as well as herself to perform.

Cloe Turpin
Valerie Solanas is known for having shot Andy Warhol in 1968. She was a radical and activist feminist icon, writing the Scum Manifesto, a violent text that literally encouraged the destruction of 'male kind'. She embodied the romantic idea of a tragic life. By harnessing this dramatic potential, this project will investigate the figure of Solanas using both real archives and invented ones. By working with a look-alike and creating a new narrative, I will question the iconic status mechanism and the place of the anonymous character in which everyone can identify.

Cloe Turpin is currently completing an MA in Performance and Visual Practices at the University of Brighton. She works primarily with video, music and installation. Group exhibitions include, Paramètres 2009 at Galerie de l’Uqam and Complot : Espiègle at Art Mûr gallery in Montreal.

Sam Chester
In the current economic situation, public opinion is heightened towards the unfairness of a capitalist system. Andy Warhol was fascinated by people and the fragility of celebrity life, investigating themes of death, iconography and consumerism. Despite his critique of capitalism, Warhol's works thrived because of it. In today's consumerist society, importance is placed on material wealth that can create a banal existence based on shallow ideologies. My project will critically engage with this ‘way of living’ with hand made costumes and performance. Inspired by the kitsch value of Warhol's work, the piece will portray anger at a society obsessed with celebrity, money and goods.

Sam Chester is currently studying a BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Hastings College.

Mass Roman
Electronic live solo and DJ sets
Completing the Random Friday line up is the experimental Brighton based talent that is Mass Roman. Expect a brilliantly wonky glitch electronic live solo set from the artist who has an eclectic output including with the improv collective Passiondale and Minor Sounds. The night will be interspersed with DJ sets pleasingly comprising of music of his own particular inklings and influences.   http://soundcloud.com/mass-roman

Call 01424 229 111 for more information.
Send your name and email address to anna.cleary@dlwp.com to receive live listings.

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Fri 24 Feb 2012
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