Random Friday: Warhol Is Here

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Random Friday: Warhol Is Here
Free entry, bar opens at 7pm

Evoking the spirit of Warhol's Factory, Random Fridays during the Warhol Is Here season sees an eclectic mix of experimental art, music and film spill into various spaces throughout the Pavilion. For more information call 01424 229 111.

Sonophore by Signal to Noise
The Search For Andy Warhol's Voice (2011) by Dr. Jean Wainwright
Plus, the Warhol Is Here exhibition is open late in the Galleries.

Drinks promotions:
Two cans of beer/cider - £5 
Warhol Cocktail for one night only - £5



Birmingham-based Arkala is an act of two halves - Benjamin Kane behind a drum kit and Thomas Ford on guitar.

Their initial trial and error late-night sessions in an east Berlin apartment provided a base from which to create and imagine, and the music they wanted was born. www.arkala.bandcamp.com

"One of the most exciting things about new music in Birmingham is the diversity of the numerous scenes there. Some people say there isn't a strong scene but quite the opposite...An example of this is the duo of Benjamin Kane and Thomas Ford, 'Arkala'...they blend their sound of just guitar and drum kit, exploring all the ways they can be played, to create to most beautiful music i've heard in a long time. "

http://soundcloud.com/seminardatta/arkala-kissing-you-live-6-8 by Seminardatta

Sonophore by Signal to Noise
A site-specific interactive sound installation, Signal to Noise's Sonophore invited visitors to interact with hundreds of strips of unspooled audio cassette tape.


This tape is attached to the walls of the space, laterally spanning its interior. It surrounds the participant and audience, following the space’s physical contours, which act as a structure on which the tape can be both displayed and interacted with.

Sonophore comes from the Latin for 'sound-carrier'. The work explores the capacity of magnetic tapes to hold and transmit sonic information.

Sono - (Latin: sound, that which is heard; noise).

Phore - (Latin: carrying, bearer, to bear, producing, transmission; directing, turning;) The sound content of the tape varies depending on the site and consists of material gathered from the local area, such as found recordings and sound archives. These sounds are gathered or recorded specifically for each exhibition. Unique spaces or structures provide excellent audio content for this work, especially derelict/disused buildings. As the participant interacts with the tape they can play-back these captured sounds in a playful and sonically interesting experience.

Music Videos from FatCat Records

Still from Morgenrot by Jeff Desom

Experience some of the best music videos from FatCat Records in a cinema setting with a high-quality sound system at full live-gig volume in the DLWP's auditorium.

FatCat Records is an independent label based in Brighton. Fired by an enthusiasm for the sounds then emerging from Detroit and Chicago, FatCat Records began life in 1990, gaining an enviable reputation as one of the UK’s finest outlets for electronic music. Artists represented by the label include Animal Collective, Hauschka, Sigur Rós and Semiconductor.

Film Programme:
Dustin O'Halloran - We move lightly
Hauschka - Children
Hauschka - Morgenrot
Ensemble - Before Night
Ensemble - Excerpts
US Girls - Island Song
Get Back Guinozzi! - Carpet Madness
Nina Nastasia - Cry, Cry, Baby
Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground
Semiconductor - Brilliant Noise



The Search for Andy Warhol's Voice by Dr. Jean Wainwright
Curated and conceived by Dr. Jean Wainwright this companion exhibition comprises tape recordings of interviews taken over the course of an eleven year journey to find 'Warhol’s voice', as told by those who were associated with him.

The recordings, played on old cassette players, contain the stories of Warhol's collaborators, stars of his films, and his family. This incredible sound installation provides a unique insight into Andy Warhol the man - from the way he talked, to his working methods and relationship with family and lovers - brought together from the archives of Dr. Jean Wainwright. Photographs and objects from Wainwright's extensive Warhol collection accompany the installation.

Free entry, bar opens at 7pm
Call 01424 229 111 for more information

Send your name and email address to anna.cleary@dlwp.com to receive live listings

Random Friday: a nod to Cage


Fri 25 Nov 2011
Tickets: Free entry

Booking & Information:
01424 229 111
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