Playing with Possibility: Art Games with John Cage

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Playing with Possibility: Art Games with John Cage
Wednesdays, 10am – 1pm
27 April – 25 May
Tutor: Sheridan Quigley

The composer John Cage was well known for playing games with notes to compose his music. What is less well known is that he used similar “chance” strategies to create paintings, prints and drawings. These strategies remove personal decisionmaking from creating art and, in the process, remove the fear-factor of making the “wrong” decision. Making art becomes an enjoyable game of playing with possibilities! In this five-week course, we will play games using Cage’s random strategies as well as devising some of our own to make and create artwork. There will also be time to reflect and discuss ideas on the role that chance and decision making play in shaping our creative work.

For adults
£80 (£70 concessions & DLWP Members)

CANCELLED - please contact Box Office on 01424 229 111 for more information.

Wed 27 Apr 2011
Tickets: Free entry

Booking & Information:
01424 229 111
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