Platform Graduate Award Show 2014

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Working as part of CVAN (The Contemporary Visual Arts Network, the De La Warr Pavilion and five other galleries in South East England – Aspex, Modern Art Oxford, Milton Keynes Gallery and Turner Contemporary – are each showcasing the work of recent graduates from their region, selected from College degree shows.

Each gallery puts forward the work of one graduate who will be considered for the Platform Award 2014, a valuable and prestigious award for an emerging artist comprising a £2500 financial award and a year of mentoring from an experienced art professional .

For the De La Warr Pavilion’s Platform show we have chosen two works, both based in performance, but differing widely in their execution and method of presentation.


Gallery 2

This piece was produced by a group of thirteen students who have recently graduated from the Fine Art: Critical Practice course at the University of Brighton. As their work comprised completely of performances and installations which took place on Brighton  and Hove buses over a two week period during May 2014, they had to consider carefully how to present these works in a gallery context.

The group decided to set up Art Fare: The Shop, creating new pieces and products that relate directly to the performances and installations which took place on the buses. Products such as posters, key rings, books and photographs are all available to buy and will be displayed in a freestanding, fully functioning shop, created within Gallery 2.

Art Fare:The Shop is in itself both a sculptural object and event, presenting a cohesive and innovative way of representing performance after the event.

One of the main goals of the Platform project is to develop successful ways for artists to further their practice following graduation. By choosing this collective work, DLWP raises questions about the different ways that artists work and communicate in the contemporary art world. Is collective working a viable response to the economic strain felt by so many graduates? How do galleries and funding bodies respond to this? What opportunities does online interactive technology bring to share the work with audiences?

For a collaborative approach to succeed, the participants themselves need to be challenged, change and develop in the process. We believe that this group of young artists are doing just that.

Izabela Brudkiewicz

Working outside the galleries is Fine Art BA graduate performance artist Izabela Brudkiewicz, who presents ‘Not so, after all’.

For seven days, eight hours a day, Brudkiewicz will be on Bexhill seafront, pushing a large ball she has created from layers of blankets, wire, paper and felt. By pushing the ball on a route that moves back and forth along the promenade and circling the Pavilion, she will create an intriguing performance, provoking interest from passers by who will be invited to write down their thoughts on notes that are then added to and become part of the work .

The work will finish when Brudiewicz pushes the ball in to the main foyer of the De La Warr Pavilion at 5pm on the 14th September (during our Dear Serge event (link) , leaving it in position and then walking away…

Brudkiewicz undertakes performances that push herself to the very limits of her physical and mental endurance. Through these actions she explores how the near-endless repetition of pointless and physically demanding tasks, act as a trigger for us to explore concepts of sacrifice, failure and spiritual contemplation.

Wed 6 Aug 2014-
Sun 21 Sep 2014

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