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Photographs and Videoworks by Michael Nyman

Michael Nyman 
Still taken from Love Train: Michael Nyman

Michael Nyman is one of today’s most successful living composers; many people know Nyman’s music through his film scores. Prolific in his output he has worked as a musicologist, writer, composer and now, photographer and video artist.

Videofile is the first comprehensive exhibition of selected video works and photography by Michael Nyman. This previously unknown experimentation with video and photography has been made by Nyman over the past 15 years.

Michael Nyman 
Still taken from Moscow: Michael Nyman

Nyman’s videoworks are filmed with a hand-held camera. Usually spontaneous, they work as visual diaries of his inquisitive mind.

Most often taken before and after concerts and as part of his international travels, video works feature everyday moments or episodes that Nyman has chanced upon and chosen to record; lingering on unfolding events, capturing the unexpected, or focusing on the less seen. Some works are left relatively unedited whilst other video works undergo further experimentation with split screens and visual repetition.

Soundtracks to some of the video works use location sounds, whilst others recycle existing scores from his archive, or a combination of both to create sound/ score montages.

The integration of video, art and music within this exhibition is extended across to the live programme, details of which can be found on the Performance & Events page. 

This exhibition is devised by De La Warr Pavilion.

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Michael Nyman (b. 1944–) published his study Experimental Music:Cage and Beyond in 1974: considered today to be a seminal text on the Anglo-American post war experimental musical tradition. He founded the Michael Nyman Band in 1977 and has composed award winning soundtracks for numerous films notably Peter Greenaway with whom he collaborated on eleven films and Jane Campion with The Piano which has sold over three million copies. As a musicologist and the music critic for The Spectator in the late 1960s, he was the first to apply the term ‘minimalism’ to music. He has collaborated with several visual artists including Bruce McLean, Mary Kelly and more recently Carsten Nicolai and Kutlug Ataman. In 2008 he published Sublime a book containing nearly two thousand of his photographs.



Installation images: photographer - Nigel Green

Sat 24 Jan 2009-
Sun 15 Mar 2009

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