Matthew Bourne: Songs from a Lost Piano

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Matthew Bourne

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Songs from a Lost Piano
A new project by pianist Matthew Bourne

Calling on ghostly memories of hymns, music hall songs and pub sing-a-longs, the brilliantly maverick pianist Matthew Bourne breathes life back into the skeletons of 6 discarded pianos.

He brings with him discarded gems from his search, including the decaying elegance of an upright,  passed down from mother to daughter, a legless carcass from a Wesleyan Methodist chapel and the faded glamour of a white cocktail grand.

He says “Some of these instruments have had amazing lives and just when they might be relegated to the dump, I want to save them”


Matthew Bourne was born on October 6th, 1977 in the Red Lion Pub, Avebury, Wiltshire and by the age of 9 had taken up the Trombone, moved house four times and wound up living in a small village situated amongst the Cotswold Hills. In 1989, Bourne attended Kingham Hill School – situated miles from anywhere amongst more beautiful Cotswold surroundings and began playing Cello in the following year. After seeing Frank Sinatra play on television in 1993, Bourne began to teach himself the piano. The rapid progress on ‘Cello and Piano lead to the elbowing-out of the Trombone altogether. It was however Brass teacher, Garry Page that imparted some important insights into harmony and space that helped shape Bourne’s approach. These insights together with the masterful teachings of ’Cello tutor and lifelong mentor George Sidebottom, provided Bourne with a musical appreciation beyond his years.

Bourne began to tackle the language of Jazz in 1995. In the course of the following years at Leeds College of Music, Bourne began to distance himself from his contemporaries focus on more traditional approaches, and explored instead the world of contemporary classical composition and the avant-garde.

Matthew Bourne's awards include:
Perrier Young Jazz Award, Musician Category, 2001
BBC Radio Jazz Awards, Innovation Award, 2002
International Jazz Festivals Organization (IJFO) International Jazz Award, 2005
Braaid Eisteddfod, Overseas Award, Instrumental Competition, 2007
International Visual Communications Association (IVCA) Bronze Award for Music (shared with Dan Berridge), 2007

Click here for more information including Matthew's full biography by visiting his website.

Tickets: £12

Accompanying the stage performance is an atmospheric exhibition of the pianos Matthew met along the way. Photographer Benjamin McMahon followed Matthew over the hill and dale, taking portraits of pianos and people and capturing their relationship.  

Matthew Bourne 
Credit: Benjamin McMahon

Matthew Bourne 
Credit: Benjamin McMahon

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Tue 3 Mar 2009
Tickets: £12.00

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