Justin Currie

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"Let me teach you how to write a song / The first line must be brief but strong / And the second line should rhyme with something in your baby's heart / Something that they know but cannot name / And in that way every song's the same."

From Every Song's The Same, track two on Lower Reaches.

After six albums with Del Amitri and three solo albums, what Currie has learned about songwriting is that you have to make yourself available to the muse. "Make sure you're bored", he says. "Make sure you're alone."

To that end, in 2012, the Glaswegian singer briefly extricated himself from city life. Renting a remote cottage, he hunkered down beneath The Cuillins, the mountain range that dominates the HebrideanislandofSkye. Currie had no internet and no mobile phone, just an acoustic guitar, a piano, and a ghetto-blaster on which to record his ideas.

His latest album ‘Lower Reaches was released August 19th on Justin Curries own Endless Shipwreck label via Ignition Records



Support - Ella The Bird

Ella The Bird is an elite singer and mesmerising performer based in Glasgow. She is an artist best experienced in all her beauty and intrigue, where each precious vocal technique or beautifully haunting song can be seen catching the lights of the stage together, creating a sensual ensemble of colours as she captivates, charms and delights the audience with her perfectly controlled, honey sweet and bird like vocals.


Doors 7pm

Ella The Bird 7:45pm - 8:15pm

Justin Currie 8:45pm - 10:15pm

Eat before the show

Our downstairs bar will be serving ciabattas and light refreshments. 

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Sat 8 Nov 2014
Tickets: £18.50

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01424 229 111
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