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A specialist in comedy for children over 6, their parents and anyone that likes comedy without rude words, James Campbell's comedy show will be side-splitting for the whole family.

In his shows James talks about ways to make parsnips interesting, how to look a chicken in both eyes at the same time and why owls don't like Easter!

James may also attempt a new world record in badger hurdling and how to go about doing a loop the loop with his 93 year old Auntie Histamine. The show may also involve three dancing oatcakes called Celia, Amelia and Deal-or-no-Delia and a discussion on "Horses: Friends or big-headed twits?" 
(Contents may vary and the actual show may not involve any of the above. Side effects may include your sides hurting.)

"Has achieved almost holy status - don't miss"  (The Sunday Times)
"He belongs on stage" (The New York Times)
"My seven-year-old howled with laughter and so did I" (The Daily Mail)
"Absurdist Genius" (The Guardian)
"The best comedian I have ever seen" (Iain Rankin)

Tickets: £6
To book: 01424 229 111 or click the green button
Start time: 2.30pm

Send your name and email address to anna.cleary@dlwp.com to receive live listings

Fri 17 Feb 2012
Tickets: £6.00

Booking & Information:
01424 229 111
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