Collectors' Corner - 1980s Crisp Packets and Ceramic Figurines

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Sunday 15 August, 2.30pm
Collectors' Corner
1980s Crisp Packets and Ceramic Figurines

FREE - just turn up!

This Sunday's installement of Collectors' Corner welcomes Dave Valentine and his amazing collection of 1980's crisp packets!
Get yourself over to the Pavilion to see this fantastic collection that has caused such a stir.

Dave Valentine The Sun.jpg

As a child, Dave kept hold of crisp packets spanning all the well-known brands, including KP, Golden Wonder, Smith's Salt & Shake and supermarket brands. Stuck down in scrapbooks with sticky tape, the collection consists of a staggering 250 examples! Come along to this week's Collectors' Corner for a trip down memory lane.

See details of the amazing coverage of this collection that has taken place over the last few days. Check out BBC's Newsround,  The Sun and The Metro.


We are also delighted to be viewing Louise Kenward's collection of
ceramic figures sourced from charity shops, some of which have been customised by Louise herself.

Louise has been collecting ceramic figurines for a number of years. For her, the significance of the figurines is their association with times past, commonly referencing the Victorian era and notions of nostalgia.  They allude to social and gender stereotypes and the objects themselves are often to be found on an Aunt’s or Grandmother’s mantelpiece.  They are decorative figures whose sole job was to be looked at. 

"I wondered if they might come to life, like children’s toys at night time, if they would inhabit their own world and space in a more active (yet probably far more polite) way.  Many figures, from posture and decoration give clues as to what their personality might be, their expression and dress give the impression of character, a story or implied narrative – where they might live or come from, what they might say or do.  We can project onto these cold, hard, fragile objects our own thoughts and feelings, assumptions and beliefs, giving them a voice and bringing them to life through our own attachment to them."

Fisherman 2008_web.jpg

The fact that they have all been collected from charity shops is also of importance for Louise. The allure of rummaging through these places holds strong associations with time spent with her nan as a child. 

"These places hold a magical quality for me – of the surprising and unexpected as well as the familiar and times passed/past.  The objects found are donated by those who may have loved them once but are no longer wanted or useful.  They are out of time.  The magic of the charity shop is the hope and possibility that sits beside the rejection and abandonment.  That there can be a future, a re-living and new home - a second chance."

Louise Kenward is a local artist, living in Bexhill, who is interested in the relationships we have with ourselves and others and in exploring our sense of place. 

Taking tea 2008_web.jpg

Future Collectors' Corner Events

Do you have an unusual collection?  This summer at the De La Warr Pavilion we are inviting people to bring their weird and wonderful collections into the Gallery.  Connecting to our summer exhibition by the artist Tomoko Takahashi, we’re having a Collectors’ Corner each Sunday at 2.30pm starting on 4 July, giving collectors the opportunity to share their interests with the public.

Whether its snow globes or kaleidoscopes, toy soldiers or thimbles, get in touch if you collect something you’d like to share.

Contact Polly Gifford on 01424 229133 or

For some info on our previous Collectors Corner events - see our Exhibition blog by clicking here.

Sun 15 Aug 2010
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