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Direct from Circus Space, London  Circus ETC  is a brand new Circus Variety show that will thrill and dazzle the whole family.

Comedian and street entertainer Goronwy Thom is your host for the show – this  Tommy Cooper-esque  performer has been described in one word by The Stage – “Gulp !”
‘Everything was so wrong, which made it so right!’ said Simon Cowell about Hoop La La who gave their show-stopping performance in the semi-finals of ‘Britains Got Talent’.   Craig Reid, Tiina Tuomisto and Jessica Walters and the thousands of people  who voted for them have shown the world that  hoola-hooping is cool! Watch them here....


Arron Sparks is not your everyday juggler.  Anything that comes to hand, whether it’s on his head or in his rucksack can feature in this high energy, split second precision act. 

Hiccup Circus tells a trapeze-based story of female rivalry.  A little squabble over a handsome man takes on a new dimension  when it takes place 10 feet in the air!

An elegantly poetic hand-balance act by Tiina Tuomisto does not abide by conventional laws of gravity. Her balancing act will have you marvelling at her strength, beauty and flexibility.

LiT Circus featuring Massimiliano Rossetti and Tiago Fonseca is a hilarious acrobatic duo whose physical feats will make you hold your breath in anticipation and cheer with delight.   Don’t try this at home!

For Telma Fernandes and Gemma Palomar the Chinese Pole is a second home. This stunningly acrobatic dance piece takes place in the air and on the ground.  The strength and grace of this pair as they scale the pole with apparent ease is unforgettable.

And for Craig Reid, the incredible Hula Hoop boy, there is no place like home, as he pays homage to Judy Garland and the Wizard of Oz.

Directed by Helen Eastman
Designed by Anna Bruder
Lighting Design by Philip Gladwell
Sound Design by Simon Thomas

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To make a reservartion for pre circus Christmas lunch please call 01424 229 119 or

Wed 24 Dec 2008-
Tue 30 Dec 2008

Tickets: £10.00 - £15.00

Booking & Information:
01424 229 111
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