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A Tense Thriller

1n 1961, Peter & Helen Kroger, two Americans living in a London suburb, were convicted of spying for the Russians and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment.

From these true facts Hugh Whitemore has written a powerfully moving fictional account of events leading up to their arrest with the action centred on the totally unsuspecting Jackson household - Bob, Barbara and their daughter Julia.

The Jackson's live opposite the Kroger's, believing them to be a convivial Canadian couple and their closest friends. Then a mysterious stranger arrives, announces he is from MI5 and quietly coerces the Jacksons into allowing their house to be used as a surveillance post. In the nightmare months that follow, the Jacksons' decent, happy life is shattered as the truth about their much-loved friends is gradually revealed to them and, helpless in an alien, sordid world of deception and treachery, Barbara reaches breaking point with the agonizing realization that the Krogers have betrayed her and she, in turn, has betrayed the Krogers.

Thu 23 Nov 2006-
Sat 25 Nov 2006

Tickets: £8.00

Booking & Information:
01424 229 111
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