Arrietty (2011)

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Studio Ghilbi’s reworking of an English classic.

The Borrowers are a tiny group of people, only 10cm tall, who live under the floorboards of typical human households. On a mission to get some sugar, Borrowers Arrietty and her father Pod are noticed by Sho, a boy who has just moved in with his great aunt Sadako. Keen to befriend, Sho tells them not to be afraid and a bond between Arrietty and Sho is born but, troubled by the threat of Borrower extinction by humans and Sho’s heart condition, the two friends struggle to stay together.

Directed by veteran Studio Ghilbi animator Hiromasa Yonebayashi, this new adaptation of the classic children’s novel The Borrowers is exquisitely detailed and utterly enchanting.

£3 per film (£5 for tickets to both Family Film Day screenings)
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Sat 18 Feb 2012
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