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6 Nov

Midori Hirano

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Midori Hirano’s music is a beautiful, gentle and intoxicating mix of minimalist electronica, lilting piano and sumptuous strings. Her gentle melodies and intertwining layers of sound are hypnotic in their beauty.

Midori started creating music on her computer after graduating from university with a major in classical piano. In 2004, she released the EP Poet at the Piano from Luxembourg label soundzfromnowhere and participated in shows throughout Europe.

In September 2006, Midori worked with guest musicians on her first album LushRush released from noble records. Following this release, she has played both with bands and as a solo performer mainly in the Kansai area. In addition to her own work, Midori Hirano also works with domestic and international artists such as Shugo Tokumaru, O.lamm, Ryan Francesconi in remixes, collaborations, and label compilations, and also creates soundtracks for European and Asian films.

Pete Wareham & Leafcutter John

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Electronic musician and artist Leafcutter John has teamed up with fellow band mate and Saxophonist of Polar Bear and Acoustic Lady, Pete Wareham. This evening showcases a new collaboration that combines Pete's soaring saxophone teamed up Leafcutter's digital effects and guitars. Sit back and soak up this fresh new partnership by two established artists.

Juliet Russell and The Vocal Explosion Orchestra


The Vocal Orchestra, led by Juliet Russell, is a remarkable choir that sings in its own invented language. The choir is the brain child of Juliet Russell who has created the phonetic language that is used in the acapella songs she composes. Words like ‘dvoolee’ or ‘majumba’  are used in haunting songs that conjure up powerful feelings that are highly evocative and spiritual, helping singers to bypass the brain and to sing from the heart. Juliet’s unique music has been performed across the world from Dubai to Delhi, New York to Mexico and heard by over 30,000 people across the globe.

‘A richly complex singing in tongues which fused blissed out township a capella with Gregorian chant…. Stunning!’- The Independent

Metal Head

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A 3 minute musical short produced for the Hastings Film Challenge 2007. Given the Title "Metal Head" and the Genre "Musical" the team made this film which won the popular film making competition in 5 days from conception to final edit. A none to subtle homage to/rip off of cult Japanese sci fi horror "Tetsuo" the film is a warning to all who ignore safety signs at their peril. Set to the sounds of the great if unlikely pairing of Sam Cooke and Aphex Twin.


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