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Madarms: Tentation

A group of nesting tents gradually came to life, stirred, then scuttled, before morphing into breathing, breeding creatures that conquer, consume and expire. Accompanied by a mysterious soundtrack, the tents played out their drama.



Riz MC

Riz MC 

Ground-breaking MC on the block and Radio 1 favourite had the audience eating out of his hand in a set that proved the might of this young artist's talent. 

Makes Eminem sound like Lil'Bow Wow... no MC on the planet can claim resume to rival Riz's.
Timeout Chicago

Click here for a recent Guardian article on Riz MC

Evil Ed + MCs

Bringing to the Pavilion his live mix Evil Ed make beats, DJ's and produces. His debut The Enthusiast received LP of the issue in DJ magazine.

Coastal Currents Launch Party

In partnership with Random Fridays this celebrated festival of creativity launched its 2009 offering with a rooftop party open to all.

Michele D'Acosta - The Prince of Hip Hop

Michele D’Acosta is an award-winning writer and documentary filmmaker. Her credits include producing the feature documentaries Biggie and Tupac and Kurt & Courtney with director Nick Broomfield.

Michele has produced and directed films on subject matter as diverse as children who kill their parents, Greenpeace campaign films, and the demise of the former Soviet Union. In 2008, Michele was shortlisted for the UK Film Council’s Best Documentary Director award.

Currently she is executive producing a feature documentary about Blur: an intimate behind the scenes portrait of the band on their 2009 comeback tour.

The Prince of Hip Hop – brief synopsis

The Prince of Hip Hop is a short film by Michele D’Acosta about an underground hip-hop party that takes place on a New York subway train. Beatboxers and MC’s hijack a subway train compartment and turn it into a cool venue for a New York party.

This illegal gathering is set against the backdrop of Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the Sex Pistols, coming to New York in 1986 and discovering hip hop.

Fri 28 Aug 2009
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