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Random Fridays

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Random Fridays

Indulge in a unique night out with late night random revelry. Explore the galleries and iconic building after hours.

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Simon Bookish - Feb's Random Friday headliner.

Fri 12 February

Leo Chadburn AKA Simon Bookish + Other Artists

Top vocalist, performer, artist and electronic musician, Chadburn wrote the libretto for Richard Grayson’s The Golden Space City of
God currently showing in Gallery 2.

His latest album Everything/Everything is described as a “big band song cycle about science and information”. This Random Friday, he will give a unique live performance with a string quartet.

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House Music

Don’t expect four to the floor kick drums. This is more electro… well, actually more like amplified electro magnetic radiation…

House Music, inspired by the 1970’s electro-acoustic work of David Tudor and John Cage, is a new installation by Matt Watkins ( and Caleb Madden (

Part sculptural, part performance and taking place over multiple floors on the architecturally striking (and acoustically singular) north staircase at the De La Warr Pavilion, it seeks to explore and amplify the latent electronic sounds lurking in all our homes.

The unheard noise is captured using magnetic pickup coils and tiny homemade microphones.

These hums, blips and squeals are processed and played back through household items such as bedsprings and strip lights. Using transducers to shake the objects as if they were actually speaker cones, ‘House Music’ reveals the surprising and un-nerving sonic footprint of everyday furniture.

The piece also features, amongst other equally intriguing audio ephemera of the modern dwelling: obsolete games consoles creating video feedback, broken LCD screens pushed into slide projectors, embroidery, and mobile phone resonance stations…


Fri 12 Feb 2010
Tickets: Free entry

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01424 229 111
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