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28 May
Roshi feat. Pars Radio

Random Fridays at De La Warr Pavilion present Iranian/Welsh songstress Roshi, performing her delicate folk songs from her debut album “The Sky and The Caspian Sea”. Roshi will be performing with Graham (Dids) Dowdal of Pere Ubu/Nico fame on electronics/atmospheres/beats and Richard Thomas on experimental cello (and communist typewriter). A collection of specially made films by artist James English will show alongside Roshi’s engaging performance.


Live Art Tartan
Stephanie Douet’s 2m tall radio controlled Burlesque figure together with its own internal sound piece collage.

Moving around on a sturdy radio-controlled base at about 2m an hour, the figure's body is made in various tartans, sewn and stuffed into grotesque and strange forms - horns, eyeballs, wings etc. It has an internal sound piece of bagpipe samples cut up and reassembled into a collage of noise. Controlled by the artist, lurking invisibly nearby, it will glide after passers-by, suddenly spin around on the spot and generally behave in an erratic and disconcerting fashion.

A cross between a carnival figure and a pantomime character reconstructed from Scottish parts into an object of weird beauty and strangeness.  The aim is to involve the passers-by in a street encounter that will enchant and amuse them, while offering an image of Scottishness that exploits and gently mocks National stereotypes.

(a collaboration between AK/DK and metaLuna)

Improvised electronic sounds from AK/DK and multi-projection visuals from metaLuna.

Fri 28 May 2010
Tickets: Free entry

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01424 229 111
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