80th Anniversary Party

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Saturday 12 December
10am – 5pm
FREE – everyone welcome!
Please come in 1930s costume and be part of re-creating the day the Pavilion first opened its doors to the public.

On Saturday December 12 2015 we invite you to help us re-create the excitement of the opening  and join us for a fantastic, fun and FREE all-day party inside “The People’s Palace”.

10am Open

11am - 11.20 Rumba dancing by Debonnaire Entertainment (main foyer)

11.30 - 11.50 Punch & Judy (rooftop foyer)

12noon Vintage cars & motorbikes (courtesy Bexhill 100 and East Sussex Vintage Motor Cycle Association) that make up the concourse d’elegance will arrive (bandstand)

12noon - 12.40pm Jazz Quartet (main foyer)

12.30pm - 1.55pm Drop-in cinema: The 39 Steps 1935 (auditorium foyer)

12.40pm - 1pm Punch & Judy (rooftop foyer)

1pm Bexhill Classic Cycle Club arrives (rooftop terrace)

1pm - 1.40pm London String Trio and Sultry Sax (cafe bar)

1.40pm - 2pm Punch & Judy (rooftop foyer)

2pm - 2.30pm Human image photo (bandstand terrace) weather permitting, there will be an opportunity to take part in a commemorative image to mark our 80th anniversary.

2.30pm - 3pm Jazz Quartet (main foyer) 

3pm - 3.30pm London String Trio and Sultry Sax (cafe bar)

3pm Speeches (main foyer) there will be speeches from various dignitaries and very special guests including our patron Eddie Izzard and his father John, who attended the original opening ceremony as a boy in 1935.

3pm Drop-in cinema: Top Hat

3.30pm - 4pm Rumba dancing by Debonnaire Entertainment

4.30pm - 5pm Jazz Quartet & dancers (bandstand)

4.30pm - 5pm Punch & Judy 

The day will finish at 5pm with a firework display before we trip the Light Fantastic with a Tea Dance in the auditorium.

The day itself will be re-created with the help of music from the London String Trio and Sultry Sax, rumba dancing by Debonnaire Entertainment , 1930s characters by members of Hastings Stage Studio and Bexhill’s own East Sussex School of Performing Arts providing the entertainment. The vintage cars and motor-cycles (courtesy Bexhill 100 and East Sussex Vintage Motor Cycle Assocation)  that make up the concourse d’elegance will arrive at 12 noon on the south terrace and there will be classic bicycles courtesy the Bexhill Classic Cycle Club. Upstairs the children will enjoy Punch and Judy shows and throughout the day we will be screening some of the films that you may have seen if you had gone to one of the many cinemas that were open in Bexhill in 1935.

Jazz-aged cocktails and a special 80 anniversary lunch offer inspired by original 1930s cuisine suitable for all the family will be available on the day. Our regular breakfast menu will also be served in the morning 10-11.30am.

The Pavilion will be dressed with beautiful seasonal floral displays from Bexhill Florists La Collina Gardens  and we will be serving 1930s inspired food and jazz-age cocktails in our café bar.

Thursday December 12 1935 was a cold and wet day. But this did nothing to dampen the spirits of Bexhill residents and visitors who came in their thousands to watch the Duke and Duchess of York sweep down Sackville Road in several black cars to finally open, after nine months of anticipation, the most modern building of its time.  There was much flag-waving, foot-stomping and running around the building to get a glimpse of the Royal Party inside who rewarded them with a smile and a  friendly wave.

The Duke of York proclaimed 

“I earnestly hope that the attractions which you will place here before your people will be wisely chosen, and thus add to their physical and mental fitness. This Pavilion offers a wide, free choice of amusement, pleasure and interest to those who wish to use it, thus adding to the common enjoyment of the people.”

The Pavilion – and the staff – will be dressed 1930s style and we invite you to dress up too and  join us to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the De La Warr Pavilion.



In the evening The Ragroof Players and Michael Law’s Piccadilly Dance Orchestra presents 80th Anniversary Tea Dance

5.30pm – 8.30pm

£27.50 includes tea and cake

Join us for a dazzling cocktail hour dance date to celebrate De La Warr Pavilion’s 80th birthday, hosted by The Ragroof Players and special guests Michael Laws's The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra.

Click here for booking and further information   

Please be aware that photographers and filmmakers have been commissioned to take images at this event for use in publicity material. 

Sat 12 Dec 2015-
Sat 12 Dec 2015

Tickets: Free entry

Booking & Information:
01424 229 111
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